Cocktail Attire for Men


What is cocktail attire for men?

Cocktail attire is a special kind of dress that is not the same as your casual dress but it lies between formal attire and wedding dress. Moreover, there is no fixed dress code but it should be elegant and smart so you can shine at parties, social gatherings, and at the office.  The cocktail dresses are usually in darker colors such as burgundy tuxedos with bright color shirts and patterned ties. We have collected some best styles about how to wear cocktail attire men. Let’s start.

Cocktail Attire Wedding and Formal Style:

If you get an invite to an event that requires a cocktail attire and you are thinking about what is a cocktail dress exactly. No worries, it’s easy and very interesting to get ready for the event, as you know darker tone is the identity of cocktail attire so dress up with navy suits or black three-piece suit that provides smarter appearance as a fashionable guy. There are some things that require your keen attention.


No concern what color’s jacket you are going to don but its cut and fit really matters. Its sleeves shouldn’t below the wrist and must have well-designed lapels.


A formal cocktail dress, such as a rose tuxedo usually paired with a white shirt or any plain shirt because it boosts the attraction of the suit. Whether you are going to a wedding or any formal occasion your shirt plays a vital role in building your personality, so make sure you have a good collection of shirts in your wardrobe.


The necktie is used with formal cocktail attire but for the wedding, you can opt for a bowtie. A necktie could be a simple but stylish pattern and dotted style would be a plus point.

Leather Shoes:

Never ignore the shoes, genuine leather built will enhance the personality to the next level. You can consider patent leather shoes, oxford shoes, and regular black shoes.


Cocktail Attire Semi Formal & Casual:

A tuxedo is a major option for semi-formal and casual gatherings that meet up the requirements of all fashion trendy guys. Several times it is observed that men wear casual dresses with happiness and feel relaxed. Also, in cocktail parties and weddings, a shawl collar tux is the perfect fit and it survives up to many years. The key things that required for the smart look are a white shirt, bow tie, wristwatch, leather boots, and glasses that draw others’ attention towards you.


A white shirt is a vigorous piece for the black tuxedos and blue suits lovers that makes personality smarter and wonderful. It doesn’t matter how costly suit is but if you can’t get the desired result than it is useless. So, create a collection of good shirts for special events.


Tuxedos are identified by the bow tie and satin lapels. No matter which color you are wearing but the combination of all accessories is very important. A lovely and ready to go item for every type of casual gatherings and parties. It is a perfect cocktail attire for men to go to weddings.

Black Shoes:

You may have seen various color boots but black has its own importance. It matches with any dress such as a black, blue, and tan suit and adds extra beauty to the personality.

These all are the fashion of tuxedos and suits that make them awesome. I hope you have got many ideas about the style and fashion of cocktail attire for men. Mostly you have worn regular suits but now you can wear amazing fashionable suits that can make you prominent in the crowd.

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