• What is a Varsity Jacket? Where can you Buy One?

    What is a Varsity Jacket? Where can you Buy One?
    Dubbed the ‘uniform of winners’, Varsity Jackets were traditionally part of Sports, Academics, or activities’ uniforms, originating from High-schools and Universities. It has undergone significant transformation through the years. From being a status symbol in any educational capacity to show up as a style essential in fashion. If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood movie that includes a High-School or University, you’ve most likely seen...
  • Cocktail Attire for Men

    Cocktail Attire for Men | 2021 Dress Code
    What is cocktail attire for men? Cocktail attire is a special kind of dress that is not the same as your casual dress but it lies between formal attire and wedding dress. Moreover, there is no fixed dress code but it should be elegant and smart so you can shine at parties, social gatherings, and at the office.  The cocktail dresses are usually in...
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